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(14 best) Creative effects derived from real-world lenses and filters. where download for Sierra

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Description: 140902 KB - Multimedia Design - Topaz Labs, LLC - Topaz Lens Effects - Image Editing


Topaz Lens Effects uses pixel-perfect effects taken directly from real-world camera lenses and filters.
Ensure that people see your photos exactly how they're meant to be seen with a wide range of beautiful effects taken directly from real equipment. This collection of creative and corrective effects is easy to use and helps eliminate the need for additional physical equipment. Lens Effects extends filter and lens functionality beyond your camera and allows you to make these adjustments after the shot, simplifying your shoot and giving you more control. Accomplish things in your photos more quickly and with less effort.
- Bokeh
- Diffusion
- Color Filters
- Tilt-Shift Lenses
- Creative Blur
- Vignette
- Polarization
- Graduated Neutral Density
- Old School
- Motion Blur


Updated version QUTr-v.2.2.0-Topaz-Lens-Effects.dmg

Recomended to Mac mini IA22P.VERS.1.2.4.TOPAZ.LENS.EFFECTS.TAR.GZ

New on MacBook Pro vers.1.4.0_Topaz_Lens_Effects_7WD314.dmg

Mac Pro vers.1.3.0.Topaz.Lens.Effects.GY04Jy.tar.gz

Recomended to iMac Pro ver_1.2.1_Topaz_Lens_Effects_3akN.app

Topaz Labs, LLC
Site: http://www.topazlabs.com/lenseffects

Version iMac Regex_ver_2.2.6_QHnWOL.dmg 2.4.5

10.14.3 Oe6rPD.ver.

| 142311 kbytes | App Topaz Lens Effects v.1.2.3 GIJ2HS 1.2.1 New! version

| 147947 kbytes | Download oL3T Topaz Lens Effects v 2.2.0 1.3.0 Version El Captan

| 125402 kbytes | version 1.2.3 Topaz Lens Effects E5T 3.2.0 for MacBook

| 131038 kbytes | Update GKJT TOPAZ LENS EFFECTS 1.2.4 2.2.0 to MacOS

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