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stable version how install FloorDesign v.3.1.4

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Description: Designs and Graphics Vu Tien Thinh 26214 KB FloorDesign Graphics and Design

☆ FBzHBf.FloorDesign.vers.3.1.4.app

FloorDesign is an interior design application that allows you to easily design your home plan in 2D, as well as change the color or the texture of each room, and drag and drop furniture, doors, windows, etc. onto the room from a catalog organized by categories.

- Customizable Room: Drag (create new) room object into the draw view, double click on it to edit all information of the room (walls, intersection points. measure information....)
- Add Room to Template list: Right click on a Room object then select "Add to template list" to save the room so that you can reuse it later.
- Pre-Defined Interior objects: There are many predefined nice Interior objects for you to add to the design: door, window, stair, chair, sofa....
- Basic shape: There are many shapes to add to the design, including text box, round box, line connector, callouts....
- Over 3000 Beautiful Symbols: More than that, there are over 3000 beautiful symbols to add the view.
- Drag/Drop Image from Finder (or press Cmd-V to paste image from current Clipboard): The application allows users to drag/drop many image files directly from Finder to current editing window.

New OS X x5wzj8-FloorDesign-vers-3.1.1.pkg

El Captan 5Ds_ver_4.1.4_FloorDesign.zip

Best! version MeMmx_3.1.5_FloorDesign.tar.gz

Vu Tien Thinh

for MacOS VERS_1.2.11_LEDGER_LIVE_OM8NC8.TAR.GZ {76769 kbytes} 1.1.14

Best to iMac Pro VERSION.1.0.7.MOSAIC.PRO.O44.DMG {4073 kbytes} 1.0.10

for Mojave Nancy_Drew_-_Shadow_at_the_Water's_Edge_vers.1.2.0_2zw.zip {1095762 kbytes} 1.1.3

High Sierra ver..1.4.Dark.Parables:.The.Red.Riding.Hood.Sisters.03vpQ.tar.gz {909354 kbytes} 1.1

LZ3qx0 version 3.1.6 FloorDesign 3.1.7 Updated for OS X

Free sVmgAx v 4.1.4 FloorDesign 3.1.3 Best Mac Pro

Get FloorDesign vers 3.1.2 M1KBd 5.1.4 on 10.11.5

version 3.1.8 FloorDesign KpmJ 3.2.4 Featured for 10.12.5

App version 3.1.3 FloorDesign JlqK 4.1.4 Featured to 10.12
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